We want to make your experience with us pleasant so we've come up with a range of conditions to make your journey enjoyable.
Please read these conditions and terms before making your booking.




1) Road Runner Mini Buses reserves the right to terminate a charter if any actions are deemed threatening or dangerous to the driver or other passengers. CCTV cameras are in some of our vehicles and footage will be handed to authorities if issues occur. No refunds will be given


2) The Driver is authorised to remove any unruley passengers without refund at all


3) Unruley or drunk passengers may be refused entry on to the bus should the Driver feel that the passenger may become unruley, sick or abusive. Passengers must not be unruly, offensive or unpleasant at any time, irrespective of whether or not it is directed at other members of the hire party, the Driver or the general public. A soiling fee of $110 if anyone vomits, vandalises or leaves the bus in a mess. This is charged to the person who made the booking. There is not eating or drinking allowed on our buses. Water is allowed.


4) Our prices are based on an hourly rate so it doesn't matter if one person drops out of the trip, the price does not vary unless the hours of hire vary


5) If there are multiple pickup or drop off points please advise us in advance as we may be on a strict time allocation. If you know that extended hours are required for any reason, you must advise us and book before your transport begins.  Additional stops or time may also alter your quoted price. If your journey goes over the reserved booked time you will be charged at $30.00 per 15 minutes (includes gst). The person who booked this service is responsible for this charge


6) There are no refunds if you cancel your booking within 7 Days notice of your service beginning. If you need to cancel your booking you will need to advise us 8 Days before your booking begins to receive a full refund, less deposit amount


7) A percentage deposit is required at the time of booking. This will appear on your invoice when you book your journey. The remainder of your booking must be paid by 7 calendar days before your journey (includes weekends and public holidays), please note the deposit is not refundable


8) Any mess left in the bus will be cleaned by us and the cost for this cleaning will be deducted from the bond money or invoiced directly to the person who made the booking.


9) The person booking and paying for the journey is responsible for any vandalism or mess left on the bus. 


10) Special requests are to be agreed upon with the Road Runner Mini Buses before your journey or discussed with the Driver on the day/night


11) Passengers must not interfere with the vehicles equipment in anyway


12) All lost property will be collected by us and we will notify the person who booked the journey. We will hold on to the said property until the customer picks it up or for a period of 14 days unless otherwise organised. After that we will dispose of the item/s, to charity, recycle or landfill


13) For everyones comfort, there is strictly no smoking allowed on any of our vehicles by Drivers or passengers. There is to be no consumption of alcohol on our vehicles. Failure to follow this advise will result in the passenger being asked to remove themselves from the bus and possibly not re-enter the bus with no refunds offered


14) Our Drivers carry no cash. All payments are pre-paid either through Cash, Credit Card or EFT

15) We reserve the right to publish & tag any group or individual photos that we have captured on social media sites and our website

16) On catastrophic fire danger days Wineries close, country roads close and watch-and-act measures are put in place by State Authorities. On these days we reserve the right to re-schedule your booking. We will contact you asap to discuss.

17) SA Government COVID SAFE QR CODE (updated Dec 1, 2020) We have implemented the SA Gov App and all recreational passengers must scan the displayed QR Code on their smart phones before boarding our buses. If you do not have a smart phone please record your details with our Driver.